Got to sit down with NY Times best selling author, pioneer in professional fashion blogging, and designer, Emily Schuman who unveiled her new clothing line #CupcakesAndCashmere at the F.I.G. I am really impressed with her and learned so much from talking with her; from best social media practice to her story of RISK & REINVENTION, you will see it all here. Enjoy!


Interview with Emily Schuman #CupcakesandCashmere





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“911 I would like to report a robbery!”


I try not to panic. How could this have happened in the 60 seconds it takes for me to walk Wyatt over to his line up for school? I can see my car from where I am. It’s a busy day; Lots of parents and students are buzzing around on campus.


But just like the movie – it’s gone in 60 seconds.


My purse.


Yes… I left my purse in my car. *Sigh* I’m a busy mom, with my hands literary full. I was a sitting duck for someone clearly preying on unsuspecting moms. It’s actually a brilliant scheme.


I try and take a mental inventory of what I just lost: wallet, my favorite sunglasses, keys, drivers’ license, credit cards and cash. And oh yeah… All of those gift cards that I have received over time and didn’t want to spend quite yet.


The events’ following the stolen purse is how I am turning my misfortune in to your PSA. I first contacted the police who I know have much bigger fish to fry, after all this is Dallas we are talking about, where petty theft isn’t the biggest concern of law enforcement. They told me that theft of this nature was very common in “low crime neighborhoods.” They filed the report and went into recovery mode.


I had all my credit cards cancelled in 15 minutes, then headed to the DMV for the painstaking process of getting a new drivers license. To add insult to injury, two days AFTER I reported this theft to the bank, the thieves were able to withdraw half of my money out of my checking account.


I get word via my ex husband, Grant Stinchfield, that this same crime has happened to two other moms in the same week at our child’s school. Grant is a former investigative reporter so this activity is right up his alley! Grant gets all of the information from another victim including car description and license plates! He runs the plates and I send all of this information to the police. They are impressed. I mean we got a home address here! I expected they would immediately go and arrest the thug, but apparently that’s not the way it works.


Monday, I was at my bank inquiring about their very delayed reaction in recovering my money that they let walk! At this precise moment, the criminal is at another location trying to liquidate my bank account!!
Thank goodness a fast acting manager was able to sense something shady. As soon as the criminal caught wind that the bank was on to their scheme, they frantically drove away. The blessing here is now my debit card and ID are off the streets and the bank told me the car description and plates match that of the last victim.


With that being said, I’m certain this criminal will be caught, and will have to pay the piper. I wish I could say that I have eliminated the problem from happening again to others, but this is just one of many people who could do this to you, or worse! For them it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, in a carpool line, at the mall, at the grocery store. Don’t be prey for the criminal hunter. Always be aware of your surroundings. Lock your door and hide your valuables… and an essential and expensive lesson learned, take your purse with you or leave it at home!


Hide yo kids


This eventful week made me realize that there is more risk around us than any one cares to admit. Watching your own back, for many moms, is unfortunately often a last thought. We are worried about getting to the next meeting, making sure our children’s homework was turned in on time, all while trying to look presentable. In the meantime, my awareness is heightened and I will be on guard.


I’m proud of the relationship I have with Grant, my ex husband. We are still a great team and I am excited to join him today on his radio show to discuss this saga in full length. Be sure to tune in to the Stinchfield Report, because as a defender of liberty, Grant will be able to give us all sound advice on how to rectify a situation like this in the future: 3:30 PM CST on 570 AM KLIF.
Listen Live Here!


Just another busy day in the life, as I continue chasing… my purse.




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