1. Do The Math
Take a detailed look at your finances to help figure out how much you’re spending each month so you can get a realistic idea of what kind of mortgage payment you can afford and how much you can put down.








2. Make a List of Priorities
Make a list of all of the qualities you would like in your new house. Arrange the list in order of priority, with non-negotiable elements at the top and negotiable items at the bottom.





3. Choose a Great Realtor
I can confidently say that shopping for a house is not easy, but would be impossible without the help and knowledge of my Realtor, Peter Loudis with Ebby Halliday. He is very connected, and has the insight to know about a house before it hits the market.






4. Look With The Right Eyes
Look at the structure of the home, and bounce renovation ideas off your Realtor. If they are awesome like Peter, they will know what features will increase the property value.



Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.42.21 AM


5. Get An Inspection
Look past the cosmetic elements, but do not skip the inspection! A house could look fine, but could end up having majorly expensive issues.





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