This colder weather Texas is finally getting is making my fall wardrobe come out and Wyatt and I are so excited to get some use out of our new O.W. Lee fire pit we got from Sunnyland Outdoor Furniture.


I’ve never had to use a propane grill, stove, or fire before… so I felt like I finally understood why they call Fall/Winter “cuffing season” because this seems so difficult and I’d rather have some help! Not because I can’t do it, but because I don’t want to singe my brand new umbrella from Sunnyland AND I’d like to keep my eyebrows.


Josh Brumley from O.W. Lee came to my house to explain the best fire pit practices because I want my outdoor furniture to last as long as possible, with as little maintenance as possible.



The cold weather makes everyone want to cozy up inside, but my O.W. Lee fire pit will extend patio season by creating an enjoyable, warm ambiance and atmosphere right outside my back door. If you like to lounge on your patio or dine near a fire, they have so many styles, sizes, and shapes to choose from it is easy find the right one to complement your patio setting. 

Check out all the O.W. Lee styles here:



My O.W. Lee fire pit needed a small propane tank, so make sure you have one that fits the dimensions of the style you select.



Here are some tips and tricks Josh shared with me:



Tip 1:

Keep a second propane tank handy, mine is stored in the garage, to change out easily for uninterrupted enjoyment. This tip will come in handy, because I know Wyatt and his friends will want to make s’mores every night!



Tip 2:

Clean the glass fire media periodically by putting in a bucket with water and dish detergent. This helps the glass shine but also is important for the burner’s functionality.


Tip 3:

A lid, lazy susan, or cover will help keep leaves, twigs and other organic material out of the burn pan. Great tip, especially when I don’t want to wash the glass more than 2x a year.



Tip 4:

Always be sure to have your match or lighter lit and near the burner BEFORE turning on the gas. This tip could not only save my eyebrows, but all of my other beautiful Sunnyland Outdoor Furniture. If you haven’t read my blog about all my patio furniture you can read it all here:


Tip 5:

Close the valve on the propane tank if you you aren’t going to use your fire pit for an extended time. (A.K.A. Texas Summers)



Some interesting facts Josh also pointed out about O.W. Lee products:


All burners are stainless steel and manufactured by O.W. Lee in the U.S. Can be used with propane or converted to natural gas. They don’t rust in the outdoor environment. 


BRB, it’s time for s’mores.



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