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My friend Catherine Lowe, fell in love on ABC’s The Bachelor, moved to Dallas, got married and had baby Samuel all in the last 2 years! Now she has a unique luxury stationery company that she dreamed up while competing for Sean’s heart. On the reality show, Catherine would pass cute little notes to him, which helped their love bloom. Here’s the scoop –




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1. Do The Math
Take a detailed look at your finances to help figure out how much you’re spending each month so you can get a realistic idea of what kind of mortgage payment you can afford and how much you can put down.








2. Make a List of Priorities
Make a list of all of the qualities you would like in your new house. Arrange the list in order of priority, with non-negotiable elements at the top and negotiable items at the bottom.





3. Choose a Great Realtor
I can confidently say that shopping for a house is not easy, but would be impossible without the help and knowledge of my Realtor, Peter Loudis with Ebby Halliday. He is very connected, and has the insight to know about a house before it hits the market.






4. Look With The Right Eyes
Look at the structure of the home, and bounce renovation ideas off your Realtor. If they are awesome like Peter, they will know what features will increase the property value.



Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.42.21 AM


5. Get An Inspection
Look past the cosmetic elements, but do not skip the inspection! A house could look fine, but could end up having majorly expensive issues.





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Reality Steve knows love. Well… at least he knows who wins love on this season of the Bachelorette! I tested out his knowledge on season 20 of the Bachelor in January, and sure enough, every spoiler ended up being true! Check it out here. This time I came with some harder hitting questions that, to me, are even more juicy than knowing who wins JoJo’s love.


Find out about Lauren and Ben’s Season here.







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The Smith’s score another touchdown! The 2016 Emmitt Smith Celebrity Invitational Event was a huge success and once again, I had the honor of hosting the Red Carpet arrivals along side Cheryl Jackson.




(From Left) Cheryl Jackson, Pat Smith, Skylar Smith, Emmitt Smith, Amy Vanderoef.


Pat and Emmitt Smith are two of the most generous people I know, and the busiest! Their charitable fund, “Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities,” creates and funds unique educational experiences and enrichment opportunities for underserved children in North Texas. Their breadth and depth is vast amongst the many organizations they benefit.
It is clear that both Pat & Emmitt have great passion for helping disadvantaged children and families, and it is even clearer that their work has had major impact on those served. I have never witnessed a more God driven family, they truly live to serve.


This years ESCI was packed full of celebrities and athletes including: Dr. Phil, Robin McGraw, Daryl Johnston, Michael Irvin, John Randle, Jen Welter, Kirk Franklin, Marcus Allen, Nancy Lieberman, Jim Jackson, and my girlfriends from the Real Housewives of Dallas LeeAnne Locken and Tiffany Hendra! Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw were honored with the Roger Staubach Award and Daughtry provided the entertainment. Hats off to my friend Cynthia Smoot for organizing a fabulous red carpet!




(From Left) Cheryl Jackson, Amy Vanderoef, Dr. Phil McGraw and Robin McGraw.


(From Left) Cheryl Jackson, Amy Vanderoef, Tiffany Hendra and Aaron Hendra.


(From Left) LeeAnne Locken and Amy Vanderoef.


(From Left) Cheryl Jackson, Nancy Lieberman, Amy Vanderoef, Maya Delgado.


Before the ballroom doors even opened, ESCI had already raised $1 million dollars, and now in its 7th year, the event has raised more than $6.2 million.

(From Left) Cheryl Jackson, Pat Smith, Skylar Smith, Emmitt Smith, Amy Vanderoef.


Emmitt isn’t the only one in the Smith family doing the heavy charitable lifting. . .

(From Left) Cheryl Jackson, Pat Smith, Skylar Smith, Emmitt Smith, Amy Vanderoef.


Pat has her own charity called “Treasure You,” which supports women with financial, emotional or spiritual needs. Back in 2009, I worked with Pat as her media coach at her home. We wrote segments for TV together and bonded over the significant work that is needed for so many women and families. When I was honored by her as one of the 10 Most Influential Women in Dallas, was when I knew more than ever how much we treasure each other!





Programming note!
Pat will be holding a free LIVE stream event with inspiration from her new book “Second Chances,”  featuring special guest Wynonna Judd and John Gray. Join my friend @PatSmithTY for the #SecondChances live stream event on Saturday 5/14. Register at


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The Circus is coming! DIFFA is a non-profit fundraising organization that helps those impacted by HIV and AIDS. Since it’s inception, DIFFA has granted over 7 million dollars to organizations in North Texas that provide direct care to people affected. I have been a proud supporter for years, and so have many generous designers. . . it’s undeniably the hottest fashion show ticket in town!

Although the 26th Annual House Of DIFFA Event event is sold out, there is still an opportunity for you to make a difference! Check out 5-featured designers whose jackets will be auctioned off at this year’s event.



Having trouble viewing the video? Click Here


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Do you have a dirty little secret?


Most of us do…. including me. I’m taking about an FDLS… A Financial dirty little secret!


Today I am going to show you that we all have our own FDLS. Lets put political correctness in the garbage where it belongs and move beyond our self-comfort! If we can say it out loud, we become a more effective problem solver.

















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The couple that put the Bachelor/ Bachelorette Franchise on the map was Ryan & Trista Sutter. These two contestants found love on season 1. 20 seasons have since passed and they are happily married with 2 children. Trista is still a huge fan of the show and has just recently and impressively spoken at Ted X Vail about how our own judgments about success inhibit ourselves.   Pillow talk with my girl!



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Whether you are a Bachelor franchise fan or not, it is undeniable that Reality Steve is a master of his craft. He is the man who has continuously SPOILED almost every season of the #Bachelor.  Season 20 of the show starts tonight! Click here to see us chatting at his home, with his dog, Maddie. #SpoilerAlert







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It’s January 1st and your eyes begin to flutter open in the morning. You are hurting from head to wallet.


We all have our own “cure” for a hangover. You’ve got your Aspirin takers, your Gatorade and Advil people, the extra hot shower lover, greasy food eaters, the Pedialite drinkers, the stand on one foot and cluck like a chicken believers. The good news – IT WILL ULTIMATELY GO AWAY! But how do you remedy a nasty case of the financial hangover?


Paying the price after the holidays and New Years sucks! Lets face it we are all guilty of gross over eating, drinking, and overspending. The bad news – without immediate action the financial hangover gets worse!


The best news – its only December 3rd, and I can help you avoid all of the above “hangovers” this Holiday Season.


For the easy part, and to begin with, avoid mixing different genres of drinks, and for every adult beverage drink a glass of water to avoid tomorrows 5 Vodka drink despair.


The harder part – the time is now to start a budget! Think about it like this, today is the day you could change your life for the better. Someone with a plan always ends up on top.




Important Steps To Saving


-How much money is currently in your bank account (not available funds on your credit card)?


-Subtract the essentials like rent/ mortgage and food…


-Subtract 30% for taxes.


-Come up with a modest figure that you can feasibly spend on the Holidays.


-Break it down one step further and make a list of people you need to get gifts for in order of importance/expense.



Create Newfound Money


-Consider re-gifting and or returning.


-Avoid expensive Holliday cards and gift-wrapping. They end up in the garbage.


-Sell older designer duds that you never wear anymore on Tradesy or Ebay.


-Avoid the time crunch shopping. Buy before the rush. Desperation makes us spend more.



Financial Rx


-Include being better about money in your new years resolution.


-No more budget benders!



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As I sit in The Four Seasons (an Amy V Fave) in St. Louis and order a drink, I try to unwind and decompress the day. I try to remember all that I did and accomplished. From leaving my son for the next few days, the flight, hair and make up, to my TV hosting gig. I look around the room and see that besides me there is only one other table of people. I notice a very familiar face and for a few seconds I actually thought I spotted an old friend… until I realized it was CAITLYN JENNER and her badass posse of fearless friends! I truly believe in never holding back a compliment. If you admire someone, respect them, or are inspired by them, TELL THEM! Putting good energy in this world with positive intention is always a good idea.


Amy V Quote



Immediately I decide to send Cait and her friends (all of whom I feel like I know from watching “I Am Cait” on E!)  a bottle of champagne! I wanted to make a bold move, sharing my support – as you all know I’m a big fan of risk and reinvention!



After the champagne was delivered, a man in her group stood up and came over to my table. After I convinced him that I was not with TMZ, he thanked me for the champagne and went over to Cait. Then Cait turned around, smiled at me, and motioned for me to join them.






I approach the table and am warmly welcomed to the table. Chandi was the delightful spirited gem we have seen on TV, and she immediately jumped up and hugged me.  Cait, Chandi Moore, Kip Zachary, Candis Cayne, Kate Bornstein and Ella Giselle are all there.



Caitlyn Jenner and friends on “I Am Cait.”Credit E!



We start chatting about why we are all in St. Louis and they explain that they are filming Trans America, and are touring the country in tour busses. They all seem to get along well and were so happy to chat about what they were up to. At this point I stop to think about how relieved I am that the show I love, I am Cait, is true “reality” TV. These are REAL ladies, with REAL relationships, with a REAL important agenda. Cait goes into detail about the harsh reality facing the LGBTQ community. In Russia for example, If you are LGBTQ, you are diagnosed as having a mental disorder, which means you are seen as unfit to have a drivers license.  She goes on to say 70 countries represented by the UN penalize this community.

When she speaks of these concerns she is emotional, passionate and concerned. She is 100% authentic and …. Real.



Credit: Caitlyn Jenner Instagram



The conversation begins to shift towards one of her daughters, Kendall Jenner. Cait was beaming with pride recalling last weeks taping of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, where Kendall was selected out of thousands of models to carry the infamous 30lb+ wings  on her back as a coveted VS angel.



They are inquisitive towards me and were asking all types of questions about my blog, job, son, and boyfriend. It was refreshing to meet highly recognized people who actually care to ask about my life and me! I am so used to celebs that are unbearably self-centered, a nice change of pace. We spoke for some time about why I started this blog and how my goal is to highlight RISK & REINVENTION. Caitlyn showed sympathy when I said I was a single mom. I gently reminded her that she has 10 kids and I was doing just fine.  We both giggled.

To say that our “brands” coincide could not be more accurate.



Amy V Quote




At this point I realize my phone is dead… (of course it is!!)


And I would likely miss the opportunity for a selfie. Kip Zachary, Cait’s makeup artist offered to take the picture and text it to me; it was all so cool and surreal.


I was always a fan of Bruce. He was an American treasure. However, I would not have sent over a Four Seasons priced bottle of Veuve Cliquot to Bruce. Caitlyn on the other hand has become America’s sweetheart, a woman with courage, grace, and dignity.


Cait and I ended our time together with a sincere hug. I whispered, “God Bless you ” in her ear, and she replied with the same.


I was honored to hang with them that evening.  I understand some people don’t see Caitlyn as a hero, even going as far as stating she didn’t deserve to be recognized at the ESPY’s, but we aren’t getting into that here. Given all of the conflicts and chaos raging around the world, I’m all for someone spreading peace.











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