Chasing Amy

Enchanted Fairies

Imagination is a powerful thing.


Enchanted Fairies is a high end portrait experience that has partnered up with Kidd’s Kids to continue the theme of making smiles and joy happen for children who are dealing with life altering conditions. Mason(7) and Avery(9) got to experience their imaginations come to life right before their eyes through the portrait masterminds at Enchanted Fairies in Plano, TX.


To date, Enchanted Fairies has donated over $600,000 to Kidd’s Kids by generously donating 100% of the session fees ($25 per child). The annual Kidd’s Kids Disney Trip couldn’t make wishes come true for these families without incredible donors like these.


I’m constantly inspired by our community’s ability to bring magic to families who need it most.

Enchanting experiences await!


Learn more about how you and your family can experience Enchanted Fairies and help our families in need by visiting their website: 


(Age 9)

Diagnosis:  Brain Tumor, Posterior Fosse Syndrome


(Age 7)

Diagnosis:  Nephrotic Syndrome

Kidd’s Kids could not continue to share the magic with families each year help from our corporate sponsors and donors like you! Please consider giving to Kidd’s Kids to keep the magic and smiles going.


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