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As a single mom I realize the importance of having my finances in order. This was not something my younger rose-colored glasses wearing, neophyte to adulthood, newly married self would have ever even considered learning more about.


As a married woman I always left the finances and money talk to my husband, in a ‘that’s not my lane’ type of attitude. When I became a mom and then later got a divorced; I was forced to get a crash course and a grip on my money. I no longer had the luxury of “staying in my lane,” it’s all my responsibility now.


Leaving Good Morning Texas and joining the Rodney Anderson Radio show team every weekday (1190AM 11am-12pm) has been the most fascinating and educational experience I have ever had. By talking about financial hot topics and having to know what I was talking about has taught me to not only live within my means but also live below my means.


In order to be the best mom I can be it is critical that I make sure my son and I are financially STD free. You read that right… A financial STD is sexually transmitted debt. When you get married, for better or worse, you inherit their debt.




This leads me to tell you about financial infidelity – this is when your spouse is spending and you don’t know about it. Marriage is a business deal, which means it is more than critical to know everything related to your finances. If you are in the dating scene here is a great way to subtly and organically find out about their financial health:


If you are on a first or second date at dinner ask them “if that waitress handed you $10,000 – what would you do with it?”
-If they say it would go in savings – great answer!
-If they say “blow it all on a new toy” – dig further!


I get it. Dating is hard enough. No one likes to talk money when you can talk about LOVE and ehhh…hem SEX! But I promise you, if you take that Financial Day Off with your partner, and you are vulnerable, and truly honest… the love (and sex) will only get better.


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