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I feel led to share my story. Not only as a TV personality….but as a single mom. Since I no longer have the pleasure of greeting you every morning on your TV, it is here where all of my loyal friends, family, and fans can be in the know on the life of Amy V!
If you haven’t been following my Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram feeds, you may not have seen the updates that I recently left WFAA’s Good Morning Texas after 10 years. Leaving a job I loved was a very difficult decision, but no regrets. God placed a desire in my heart to do more, and I could no longer ignore it. The ultimate leap of faith!
I have been keeping busy as co-host of The Rodney Anderson show weekdays on iHeart Radio. I get to use the “irreverent” part of my personality here, and we are really helping our listeners get a handle on their personal finances and debt. Tune in at 11AM on Talk Radio 1190AM.
Besides morning radio, I am a brand ambassador and spokesperson for multiple brands and companies. I travel to different cities in the U.S. as a lifestyle expert on morning network television. Its been fun to be the GUEST after so many years of being the host! 🙂 Please make sure to check out my “Chase Amy’s Faves” page to learn more.
My blog is going to be the best way to keep up with everything that is Amy V. My blog will shed light on my personal journey of the vulnerability of auditioning again! (Maybe you’ve seen me in some commercials recently?) 🙂 Also, my journey of being a single working mom, charities that I support along with my live appearances, and much more.
Thank you for your continued support, and if you haven’t already be sure to connect with me on social media @AmyVanderoef

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