It’s January 1st and your eyes begin to flutter open in the morning. You are hurting from head to wallet.


We all have our own “cure” for a hangover. You’ve got your Aspirin takers, your Gatorade and Advil people, the extra hot shower lover, greasy food eaters, the Pedialite drinkers, the stand on one foot and cluck like a chicken believers. The good news – IT WILL ULTIMATELY GO AWAY! But how do you remedy a nasty case of the financial hangover?


Paying the price after the holidays and New Years sucks! Lets face it we are all guilty of gross over eating, drinking, and overspending. The bad news – without immediate action the financial hangover gets worse!


The best news – its only December 3rd, and I can help you avoid all of the above “hangovers” this Holiday Season.


For the easy part, and to begin with, avoid mixing different genres of drinks, and for every adult beverage drink a glass of water to avoid tomorrows 5 Vodka drink despair.


The harder part – the time is now to start a budget! Think about it like this, today is the day you could change your life for the better. Someone with a plan always ends up on top.




Important Steps To Saving


-How much money is currently in your bank account (not available funds on your credit card)?


-Subtract the essentials like rent/ mortgage and food…


-Subtract 30% for taxes.


-Come up with a modest figure that you can feasibly spend on the Holidays.


-Break it down one step further and make a list of people you need to get gifts for in order of importance/expense.



Create Newfound Money


-Consider re-gifting and or returning.


-Avoid expensive Holliday cards and gift-wrapping. They end up in the garbage.


-Sell older designer duds that you never wear anymore on Tradesy or Ebay.


-Avoid the time crunch shopping. Buy before the rush. Desperation makes us spend more.



Financial Rx


-Include being better about money in your new years resolution.


-No more budget benders!



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